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Keep Calm and Change Your Vocabulary

IF my life was described nowadays, it would be soooo different.  The story of my life would be A. Trauma, B. Trauma Bonding C. Abandonment & Insecurity D. Anxiety and Depression E. PTSD F. Body Dysmorphia G. More Trauma Bonding H. Making poor choices I. Getting involved with Narcissists J. Repetition Compulsion K. Adulting L. CANCER DIVORCE INFERTILITY M. Being gaslit  N. Self-Doubt O. Never Losing Motivation P. Being manipulated Q. Overworking/Overthinking R. Seeking clarity S. Realizing the Body Keeps the Score T. Finding Nemo U. Aging under financial strain. V. Raising two remarkably beautiful daughters W. Wondering how it went so fast X. Panic Y. Health anxiety/Driving anxiety Z. Social Media. 

Disclaimer: We might have said that I was oblivious but for all the anxiety and negative emotions.  


Why do I need a diagnosis?  I don't.

Why do friends change?  It's inevitable.

Why do I get excluded.  See B.

Why does loss/grief show up at the weirdest times?  That's life.

What is Radical Acceptance?  Focus on breathing and you will see.  

What if I don't know what I want in life?  Be patient.

What is the difference between disassociation and psychosis?  A lot.

Social media ruined my child what should I do?  Take the phone away at night.

What exactly takes away panic?  Tapping

What if I don't know everything/I'm imperfect?  Making mistakes is the way we learn.

What if I can't change?  Change one thing.

What if I don't like my job/parents/boss/friends/partner?  Change one thing.

What if nothing changes?  Change one thing.

What to do with anger/depression/grief/disappointment and shame?  Yoga and exercise.

So there's no magic pill for life's ups and downs?  No.


                          Terms and Conditions:  Just keep swimming and don't ever stop!! :-)

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